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NITTO no. 15 self-fusing butyl tape

Self-fusing butyl-based tape

Self-fusing butyl-based tape

Nitto no. 15 is a self-fusing butyl-based tape that does not require a liner, thereby reducing the time required to apply the tape during assembly. The tape has extremely good electrical properties, superior weatherability and resistance to water. Established areas of application include: corrosion protection of wires and cables on through connections and branch couplings, insulation of high-voltage cables, sealing cable heads, repairing cable sheaths, corrosion protection of pipes, pipe connections and installations, as filler material to compensate for unevenness.

NITTO Nr. 15 Properties

  • -55°C to +105°C
  • Excellent workability due to linerless system
  • Exceptional electrical properties
  • Extremely resistant to moisture, water and chemicals
  • Superior weatherability and ozone resistance
  • Self-amalgamates within 12 hours when stretched at 100 - 150%
Datasheet (pdf)
  • RoHS compliant
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